The Last (Sweet) Dream of the Undergrad

I just dreamed a dream.. I hope this will be my last dream of my undergraduate life.

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are from VLSI lab. The dream is true, but the event did not take place in real life…

For an unknown reason my dream took place in an underground tunnel inside Carleton University, which looked like an old subway tunnel, and still there are some unused cars on the rail. In the dream, I got cold, yet I was not coughing.

I met Z, who is my class mate on my way to an unknown destination. I told him about my cold and started to complain how school is killing me (as usual). Z listened to me, and he just remembered of this great research which he can easily demonstrate to me. The research was on how the germs spread differently in a regular person than a sick person. Being curious, I asked “How?” He, without leaving any further option for questioning, taking my question as an approval to conduct the demonstration on me, opened up his science (!) box and using string and needle, started suing up my lips from two sides. He left little part in the middle open and in that opening part he connected a pipe, so that I can breathe through the pipe very efficiently. I still have to hold my nose so that I really can breathe using my mouth. At this point, he put some small seeds on the table, and directed the pipe towards that table. Now he told me to take breathe. So I did, with full of surprise whether the same result could be achieved without going through all these trouble.

After I breathed, the seeds moved away (common sense). As I had cold, all my breathings did not have equal force. However, that was all I observed. I gave a look at Z. He said “See? I told you! This thing is interesting!” and he began to laugh with the joy of his new discovery (or of performing his new experiment).

Surprisingly my lips were not bleeding and I was not feeling any pain. Z must have done this kind of experiments a lot of time before. But for now I want relief from this quite strange situation. I could not talk. But, some how I managed to make Z understand that I need to cut it. Z understood it, but he did not have much interest in removing this by himself (I don’t think I would feel safe anyway). Probably he understood it and gave me a small scissor which probably he uses to cut his nose hair and showed me to a train car saying that car has a toilet with mirror. I felt better.

I went inside the car, and found the toilet and the mirror. But the whole place was very dark. All of a sudden I realized the train is moving. Z was shaking the train to realize whether it would be safe for me to make the attempt to do whatever I wanted to do. Great thinking of him.

After realizing it won’t be safe he showed me another nearby toilet (inside a building), and I went there. This toilet is pretty neat and clean. I stood in front of the mirror; trying to see if any one is noticing. Not really. But I felt something odd. Guys and girls were using the same washroom. Anyway, I have bigger thing to take care of. I stood in front of the window. Made an attempt to cut the knot. But missed the string. Before I made the second attempt, C came in. She probably came back from gym. Standing in front of the mirror, right next to me, she did not notice what I was trying to do at the beginning. Then when she realized, she screamed and asked why I am doing that. Of course, I can’t talk. So I just tried to say something. She realized I can’t talk, so definitely her turn…. C started to tell me how I should go to doctor and use Naphthalene before I try to do that. Wait! Naphthalene? Right! I have no idea about biology and almost no idea about chemistry. So I was not (and still I am not) sure why I needed naphthalene. All I knew is naphthalene is used to preserve dead animals. In my dream, I did not have much thought about this. I was just thinking what C saying was totally right and that is what I should do.

While my brain was busy thinking all sort of rationalities behind the whole circumstance, my hand made it first successful attempt to cut one knot, then the other one. Now the biggest problem is how I remove it from my skin. At that point this girl came in whom I see often in the lab and I am really scared of her gangster look. My hand started to shake. Next thing I remembered by face was full of blood, and I woke up in the pain. End of my sweet dream.