First Lecture on Lecture on Demand Series: Introduction to Eclipse IDE

Oct 31

It was a great pleasure for me to talk about Eclipse IDE today at Carleton. This was a warm up for IEEE Computer Society Carleton University SB Chapter’s new Lecture on Demand series. Technically it was the first lecture, but students will be offered a lot more topics to choose from in future. What is Lecture on Demand : From past, we have learned, when we...

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Starting with PHP, MySQL and Apache on Windows machine

Nov 26

I believe, there is enough resources on this topic. But this article is intended mostly for my friends who shows ineterest in learning, but I may not find enough time to help them out. It is very elementary tutorial. Assuming you already know what html is. If you don’t, then consider reading this, before you go further. What is PHP, MySQL, and Apache and...

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