IEEEXtreme 3.0 Feedback

By now, IEEEXtreme 3.0 should be over. This year there were about 700 teams participated in the contest- which means about 2100 competitors. In terms of number, it was a great success- I believe it was beyond organizers’ expectation. I was worried if the server will be able to handle the huge traffic. Eventually it did. Problem set was pretty standard – well defined and organized. The contest went very smooth. However, talking about the organization, I felt the contest could be better. So here are some feedback from me:


Programming Contest IEEE Extreme 2009 is announced

I found there are some informal information could be there in IEEE Extreme website. So here, I am trying to sum up as much information as I can. This will cover information for both organizers, and participants.

IEEE Extreme is a 24-hour programming contest for IEEE student members (assumably college/university students). It is an international contest, thus prestigious for the winners. For 2009, the contest is planned to be held on 24th October at 00:01 GMT. To participate, you need to contact your local university/college IEEE Student Branch. They are supposed to organize this contest preferably using university labs and other facilities.