Virtualbox: Shared directory- “unknown filesystem type vboxsf”

I got the error message “unknown filesystem type vboxsf”  while I was trying to share a directory from my Windows XP host to Ubuntu Interpid Ibex (8.10). In almost every where it said to install Guest additions. After spending few hours I found the solution.  So decided to share with you for reference.

Step 1: Install host additions (usually you install them when you install virualbox).

Step 2: If you have created a new machine, then create a shared directory/folder. (From the machine’s Devices menu)


Starting with PHP, MySQL and Apache on Windows machine

I believe, there is enough resources on this topic. But this article is intended mostly for my friends who shows ineterest in learning, but I may not find enough time to help them out. It is very elementary tutorial. Assuming you already know what html is. If you don’t, then consider reading this, before you go further.

What is PHP, MySQL, and Apache and why?

Very briefly, PHP is a programming language (for web), MySQL is a database management and Apache is a webserver. (more…)

Top Supercomputers November 2008

Every year, a project named TOP500 releases two list of top 500 most powerful supercomputers – one in June and the other one in November.

They have recently released a top 500 super computer list. In June’s list, there were six super computers from usa, whereas they have nine super computers in the new list. An interesting fact is, India’s TATA owns the most powerful commercially available super computer (Eka– means “lonely”) in the world. Well, in June’s list, that was the fastest super computer in Asia; which is now taken by China’s Shanghai Super Computer Center (only non-usa super computer in the new top 10) and they went down to 13th in world ranking from 4th. However, their website still claims the old record. (more…)

Job Hunting and Internship Dilemma

This is middle of my third year. I was supposed to finish my third year by now. But I was at work in last fall and thus continuing my last term of third year right now. From coming September I will start my well-anticipated 1-year long co-op or internship. As I am also a student adviser for the Electrical Engineers in my university, I am trying to write something based on my own experience, which may help my fellow students in their career. (more…)

First Post

Hopefully this blog will live long for a while. Little about me in this first post. I am going to Carleton University to study Electrical Engineering. There, right now I am in my third year. The only thing I love the most and occupies most of my time is: reading. By the flow of time, the subjects of interest have changed- from dream to reality. However, my life is not limited to my classes and reading. (more…)