Unmanageable Web: Information Aging Began


Web is huge- about 1.7 billion people use it. You may ask, while talking about the size of web, why I have used the number of people instead of number of website? The answer lies in the modern web technologies. Probably I would use the number of websites, if it were the era of web 1.0 technologies only. But web 2.0 has given power to people. There were few good reasons for that. Web 1.0 was becoming so huge, it became almost impossible for the administrators to keep all the information updated. There were too less help and too much information. Thanks to web 2.0, which enabled any user to update those information.

A Very Simple Database Library for PHP and MySQL

There are plenty of complicated and complete libraries available for MySQL and PHP- which are used widely in big projects. For small projects we either use our own small library or we don’t use anything at all. The bad thing about not using anything at all are: a) The database information gets spread all over the places and b)we often forget to check security and c) a lot of code duplication.

Personal (Nontechnical) Web Security

Websecurity <br/>Credit : CC@kevindean
Websecurity Credit : kevindean

May be the communication between two people at two different domains (time or space) started with the paintings on the stones by our very first ancestors. Today’s complicated communication networks are way matured; yet they need to be improved to cope with growing demand. While communication networks started to become more complicated, the “end of trust era” began. With the advent of telecommunication, web and all other media, the problem turned into a global crisis; which did not hit us bad enough yet. In this article I will discuss some growing issues, controversies, and our rights.


IEEEXtreme 3.0 Feedback

By now, IEEEXtreme 3.0 should be over. This year there were about 700 teams participated in the contest- which means about 2100 competitors. In terms of number, it was a great success- I believe it was beyond organizers’ expectation. I was worried if the server will be able to handle the huge traffic. Eventually it did. Problem set was pretty standard – well defined and organized. The contest went very smooth. However, talking about the organization, I felt the contest could be better. So here are some feedback from me: