Why OpenCV Installation is so complicated?

Feb 10

OpenCV is a library for digital image processing which supports C, C++ and Python. It runs both in Windows and Linux. However installing OpenCV is not straight forward. I don’t know why such popular library is left like this. Here is one article which explains easy installation. However, I will add scripts for installing OpenCV...

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Tutorial: Beginning with 3Pi Robot

Jan 22

3Pi is a mobile robot which is famous for maze solving related problems. In this tutorial, I have assumed, the user is using following hardware: 3Pi Robot USBTinyISP Programmer and USB Cable This article contains presentation, necessary windows softwares, and resources (including Linux installation). The presentation can be found here:...

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A Very Simple Database Library for PHP and MySQL

Dec 24

There are plenty of complicated and complete libraries available for MySQL and PHP- which are used widely in big projects. For small projects we either use our own small library or we don’t use anything at all. The bad thing about not using anything at all are: a) The database information gets spread all over the places and b)we often forget to check security...

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First Lecture on Lecture on Demand Series: Introduction to Eclipse IDE

Oct 31

It was a great pleasure for me to talk about Eclipse IDE today at Carleton. This was a warm up for IEEE Computer Society Carleton University SB Chapter’s new Lecture on Demand series. Technically it was the first lecture, but students will be offered a lot more topics to choose from in future. What is Lecture on Demand : From past, we have learned, when we...

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IEEEXtreme 3.0 Feedback

Oct 25

By now, IEEEXtreme 3.0 should be over. This year there were about 700 teams participated in the contest- which means about 2100 competitors. In terms of number, it was a great success- I believe it was beyond organizers’ expectation. I was worried if the server will be able to handle the huge traffic. Eventually it did. Problem set was pretty standard –...

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Happy Programmer Day!!!

Sep 13

Today, 13th September, I am wishing every programmer in the world Happy Programmer Day!!! Technically the 256th day of the year is the Programmer Day. Why 256? That is two to the power eight (eight bits = one byte) and also in binary 256 has 1 and eight 0s. That is the significance of the power eight.  I am going to print this using few programming languages (here...

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