The Last (Sweet) Dream of the Undergrad

I just dreamed a dream.. I hope this will be my last dream of my undergraduate life.

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are from VLSI lab. The dream is true, but the event did not take place in real life…

For an unknown reason my dream took place in an underground tunnel inside Carleton University, which looked like an old subway tunnel, and still there are some unused cars on the rail. In the dream, I got cold, yet I was not coughing. (more…)

Unmanageable Web: Information Aging Began


Web is huge- about 1.7 billion people use it. You may ask, while talking about the size of web, why I have used the number of people instead of number of website? The answer lies in the modern web technologies. Probably I would use the number of websites, if it were the era of web 1.0 technologies only. But web 2.0 has given power to people. There were few good reasons for that. Web 1.0 was becoming so huge, it became almost impossible for the administrators to keep all the information updated. There were too less help and too much information. Thanks to web 2.0, which enabled any user to update those information.

Personal (Nontechnical) Web Security

Websecurity <br/>Credit : CC@kevindean
Websecurity Credit : kevindean

May be the communication between two people at two different domains (time or space) started with the paintings on the stones by our very first ancestors. Today’s complicated communication networks are way matured; yet they need to be improved to cope with growing demand. While communication networks started to become more complicated, the “end of trust era” began. With the advent of telecommunication, web and all other media, the problem turned into a global crisis; which did not hit us bad enough yet. In this article I will discuss some growing issues, controversies, and our rights.


Happy Thanks Giving!

One of our profs has extended the deadline of an assignment for one class with following condition:

“IMPORTANT: Spend some time with your family if you can on Thanksgiving. That was a condition for the extension of the assignment. If your family is not in Ottawa area, send a Thank You card to them or call them before you work hard on the assignment (hopefully not). ”

Happy Thanksgiving.

IEEE Carleton Won the Region 7 SB Website Contest 2009!

I am to share an exciting news I just received from IEEE Region 7 (Whole Canada) RSR: “I am pleased to announce that Carleton University Student Branch’s website has won first place in Canada’s IEEE SB website competition.”
I will like to thank every one of the website design team: Abhinav Shukla, Vefa Bicakci, Imran Hossain, Junzhe Zou (Davy), Laura Mutu, Laxman Pradhan, Manuanand Muruganad and Mohammad Farhan. Special thank to Farhad Khan and Keyur Hindocha for providing us with a concrete platform in the previous years and Jieyi Rong or guiding us throughout the time. Every one in the executive team some how contributed in the site. All the features were completely written by us. I will talk details about the site’s interesting design in another post.
Thanks every one again!!!

Rebel – বিদ্রোহী by Nazrul

When I was introduced to Nazrul at very young age, I was astonished by his extra ordinary and strong writing. Later through my mom, who always encouraged me to read books and helped me to choose right kind of books, I discovered peaceful Nazrul in his poems, drama and novels. Anyway, I am not going to talk about peaceful Nazrul in this article, but the rebel one. I got his “Vangar Gaan” [Song of breaking (chain)] when I was in grade 6; and something changed me. I am sure any kid who will read his works, has to change…. they are just magical. However, about Vangar Gaan, it was banned by British Government in 1924, 11th November, where he demanded freedom of political arrests and the language was more like “to break those prisons and shame on the mother (the queen) who failed to protect her children and ordered to put them in prison”. This poem is still banned in Britain. (So, if you are from UK, read this article at your own responsibility.)


First Post

Hopefully this blog will live long for a while. Little about me in this first post. I am going to Carleton University to study Electrical Engineering. There, right now I am in my third year. The only thing I love the most and occupies most of my time is: reading. By the flow of time, the subjects of interest have changed- from dream to reality. However, my life is not limited to my classes and reading. (more…)