A Very Simple Database Library for PHP and MySQL

There are plenty of complicated and complete libraries available for MySQL and PHP- which are used widely in big projects. For small projects we either use our own small library or we don’t use anything at all. The bad thing about not using anything at all are: a) The database information gets spread all over the places and b)we often forget to check security and c) a lot of code duplication.

Starting with PHP, MySQL and Apache on Windows machine

I believe, there is enough resources on this topic. But this article is intended mostly for my friends who shows ineterest in learning, but I may not find enough time to help them out. It is very elementary tutorial. Assuming you already know what html is. If you don’t, then consider reading this, before you go further.

What is PHP, MySQL, and Apache and why?

Very briefly, PHP is a programming language (for web), MySQL is a database management and Apache is a webserver. (more…)