Why OpenCV Installation is so complicated?

Feb 10

OpenCV is a library for digital image processing which supports C, C++ and Python. It runs both in Windows and Linux. However installing OpenCV is not straight forward. I don’t know why such popular library is left like this. Here is one article which explains easy installation. However, I will add scripts for installing OpenCV...

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How to create Bootable Recovery is Possible (RIP) USB?

Mar 10

This article will demonstrate how to create a bootable usb for Linux distro named Recovery Is Possible (RIP). I will add another article on this particular distro (I believe there is plenty of them online). There is a lot of different ways to do this. But I am writing the easy way and it works for both Windows and Linux. How to prepare: You will need the...

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Virtualbox: Shared directory- “unknown filesystem type vboxsf”

Jan 05

I got the error message “unknown filesystem type vboxsf”  while I was trying to share a directory from my Windows XP host to Ubuntu Interpid Ibex (8.10). In almost every where it said to install Guest additions. After spending few hours I found the solution.  So decided to share with you for reference. Step 1: Install host additions (usually you install...

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iPhone is booting on Linux

Nov 29

At last some one from Portlan, Oregon has found a way to port (porting from portaland, is it a joke? :P) Linux kernel in iPhone bootloader yesterday. He has managed to load the kernel on iPhone means there is no graphics yet. There is another group working on the same project. I believe e’one already heard about google’s Android project and Ubuntu MID...

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