Battle Royale IV Ottawa’s Biggest LAN Party Announced (2010)

Those who are not familiar with Battle Royale, is the biggest LAN party from Ottawa is to be held on November 6th, 2010 at Carleton University. There are special discounts available for early birds and IEEE members. Available games tournaments will be on CS: Source, Starcraft 2, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends, Rock Band 2, Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Street Fighter IV (yeyy!!!), Team Fortress 2. Besides these games organizers are expecting local game making companies to participate and demonstrate their latest creations.
For more information please visit . The website also has a gamers’ community! Feel free to join in!
This event is a jointly brought to you by student branches from IEEE Carleton University, IEEE University of Ottawa, IEEE Algonquin College, Carleton Computer Science Society, CSSA-AEI, Carleton Student Engineering Society.

A Very Simple Database Library for PHP and MySQL

There are plenty of complicated and complete libraries available for MySQL and PHP- which are used widely in big projects. For small projects we either use our own small library or we don’t use anything at all. The bad thing about not using anything at all are: a) The database information gets spread all over the places and b)we often forget to check security and c) a lot of code duplication.

Personal (Nontechnical) Web Security

Websecurity <br/>Credit : CC@kevindean
Websecurity Credit : kevindean

May be the communication between two people at two different domains (time or space) started with the paintings on the stones by our very first ancestors. Today’s complicated communication networks are way matured; yet they need to be improved to cope with growing demand. While communication networks started to become more complicated, the “end of trust era” began. With the advent of telecommunication, web and all other media, the problem turned into a global crisis; which did not hit us bad enough yet. In this article I will discuss some growing issues, controversies, and our rights.


IEEEXtreme 3.0 Feedback

By now, IEEEXtreme 3.0 should be over. This year there were about 700 teams participated in the contest- which means about 2100 competitors. In terms of number, it was a great success- I believe it was beyond organizers’ expectation. I was worried if the server will be able to handle the huge traffic. Eventually it did. Problem set was pretty standard – well defined and organized. The contest went very smooth. However, talking about the organization, I felt the contest could be better. So here are some feedback from me:


How to create Bootable Recovery is Possible (RIP) USB?

This article will demonstrate how to create a bootable usb for Linux distro named Recovery Is Possible (RIP). I will add another article on this particular distro (I believe there is plenty of them online). There is a lot of different ways to do this. But I am writing the easy way and it works for both Windows and Linux.

How to prepare:

You will need the following:

1. A computer which supports USB Boot (most of them does).

2. A USB drive (At least 150 MB)


Virtualbox: Shared directory- “unknown filesystem type vboxsf”

I got the error message “unknown filesystem type vboxsf”  while I was trying to share a directory from my Windows XP host to Ubuntu Interpid Ibex (8.10). In almost every where it said to install Guest additions. After spending few hours I found the solution.  So decided to share with you for reference.

Step 1: Install host additions (usually you install them when you install virualbox).

Step 2: If you have created a new machine, then create a shared directory/folder. (From the machine’s Devices menu)