About Me

Who am I?

You probably know my name by now… Other than that I am just a simple human being.

What do I do?

I am a Software Developer at an Ottawa based software company. I love to explore, and to learn. Hobbyist photographer, and technology enthusiastic. I promote FOSS movement- like to talk about them to both technical and non technical audience. I have some secret projects I work on (they are secret cause some of them I can’t remember of after a while).

What I am interested at?

Reading (any random topic), music, traveling and food! Of course in terms of career, developing/designing software, ASIC, and CAD.

What I have done in past?

I started working for Citadel Rock Online Communities in 2006 as a TikiWiki developer. After that I did my co-op in Alcatel-Lucent as a software designer in 2007, where I worked with a J2EE application development team. Later under Carleton’s TalentFirst networking program, I have worked  in few projects. I have done my one-year long internship at JDS Uniphase as a Hardware Engineer, where I have worked in ASIC designing, and later designed and developed a web based test suite (I don’t know how complicated the design was- it is still going through it’s 3rd year of development and I hear some good stories). Almost at the end of my third year, I co-founded a software service providing company called Grype Solutions. There I have played different roles in leading, managing and developing few projects for about 1.5 years. My last venture was at IBM Software lab, where I worked on three different products from the ground up to production.

What is my future plan?

I have recently started my career with IBM. For next few years I will be exploring the potential opportunities and continuing to volunteer at IEEE.

How do you contact me?

Use the contact me page. I usually get the messages very quickly and try to reply asap.

Here is a pdf version of my resume available. Feel free to download.

My Recent Talks/Presentations:

  • “History of FOSS and Introduction to Linux”
  • “Introduction to WordPress”
  • “The History of Web and PHP as the Language of Web”
  • “Workshop on Programming 3 pi robots”
  • “Introduction to Eclipse IDE”

My recent involvements: