IEEE Day on 6th Oct, 2010 @ Algonquin College-Staff Lounge

As part of the IEEE day, Ottawa Section will be holding a local event at Algonquin College Staff Lounge (D building) on October 6, 2010 (5pm-7pm). All IEEE members and well-wishers are invited to this wine and cheese event. This is also a great networking opportunity for the ones who are interested. There will also be a seminar on  “Based Management of Optical Networks for Next Generation  Disaster Recovery Networking Solutions with WDM Systems” and “Cloud Computing and Security” by Andrew MacKay (for more information please visit: ).

Battle Royale IV Ottawa’s Biggest LAN Party Announced (2010)

Those who are not familiar with Battle Royale, is the biggest LAN party from Ottawa is to be held on November 6th, 2010 at Carleton University. There are special discounts available for early birds and IEEE members. Available games tournaments will be on CS: Source, Starcraft 2, Left 4 Dead 2, League of Legends, Rock Band 2, Smash Brothers Brawl, Super Street Fighter IV (yeyy!!!), Team Fortress 2. Besides these games organizers are expecting local game making companies to participate and demonstrate their latest creations.
For more information please visit . The website also has a gamers’ community! Feel free to join in!
This event is a jointly brought to you by student branches from IEEE Carleton University, IEEE University of Ottawa, IEEE Algonquin College, Carleton Computer Science Society, CSSA-AEI, Carleton Student Engineering Society.

Call for Volunteers for Humanitarian Initiatives Committee

IEEE Canada has established a new committee to support humanitarian initiatives in Canada. We are calling on the Ottawa Section members to help on a few of the initiatives underway: helping prepare a demo of a battery recharging service for presentation at EPEC 2010, helping create process for shipping and receiving equipment for humanitarian initiatives, design of open source Lithium Ion battery charger, organization of Canada-wide student competition of open source hardware for humanitarian projects.
For more information on HIC initiatives, please visit
[Originally published in IEEE Ottawa News by Alfredo Herrera.]

The User Is Never Stupid

This is a common phenomenon while designing a product, a designer or developer is advised to think that s/he is designing a product for a complete idiot (UTS= User Too Stupid). Starting from that point, the designers have to come up with all possible scenarios. However, I completely disagree with that approach. The approach I am going to talk about is we, the designers, need to think that the users are smarter people than we can imagine of. If anything is wrong, then probably that is because we were not smart enough. The bravery of taking the responsibility of your own work gives you the opportunity to solve a particular problem the user experienced.

Always remember “Your program is as smart as you”.

The Last (Sweet) Dream of the Undergrad

I just dreamed a dream.. I hope this will be my last dream of my undergraduate life.

Disclaimer: All the characters in this story are from VLSI lab. The dream is true, but the event did not take place in real life…

For an unknown reason my dream took place in an underground tunnel inside Carleton University, which looked like an old subway tunnel, and still there are some unused cars on the rail. In the dream, I got cold, yet I was not coughing. (more…)